Bublé, Koeksusters & Family Fun

Do you ever find that Christmas sometimes sneaks up on you?  That you have so much to get through that you’re frantically trying to tick things off your list and suddenly it’s the 24th December and you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping? The 25th December arrives and for you – because you’ve been so incredibly hectic – it just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas?

I’ve had these a lot over the years but as Christmas is one of my absolute favouritest times of year, I’ve realised I actually have to put some effort into the build up.  It’s the same as when we’re writing our brilliant masterpieces… we need to put ‘set-up’ time into our characters, into their goals, motivations and conflicts in order to get them through to their happily ever after.  Well, this year, I have started my “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” preparations.

We have a tradition in our family, that every year,we get together as a family and make koeksusters (pronounced ‘cook-sister’).  Now these are a pastry like delicacy that I remember making every year at Christmas with my siblings.  It’s a dough that is rolled out, cut into strips, plaited and then fried in hot oil and dunked (generously) in a syrup mixture.  I also like to eat mine cold – straight from the freezer (as the koeksusters don’t freeze all the way through).  So this tradition is something I have continued with my own children (yes, my son has had to learn how to plait) so on the 1st December this year, determined to get the Christmas excitement build-up underway, I put on the Michael Bublé Christmas CD, stood next to my mother and daughter at the kitchen bench and made koeksusters.


Seriously, when I take the first bite of a koeksuster, it immediately feels like Christmas… and the excitement build-up begins.

Another exciting Christmas thing is that I have a book out.  Yes, a Christmas book with a Christmas cover.

clover and brandon

A Socialite’s Christmas Wish is in stores NOW.  So why not purchase a copy, either as an ebook or a hardcopy and even if it’s not your cup-of-tea, it will certainly make an excellent Christmas present… that way, you don’t have to worry about thrashing it out at the shops on the 24th December with all those other frantic people!  http://www.millsandboon.com.au/product/9781743064092  This is also the 5th Book in the ‘Goldmark Family Saga’ – book 6 will be out in early to wrap up the series.

Anyhoo… do you have any Christmas traditions?  Anything that makes you think – Yes.  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas?




2 thoughts on “Bublé, Koeksusters & Family Fun

  1. For me, it’s Christmas once my sister’s birthday has passed at the end of November. While we were growing up, our family wasn’t allowed to put up decorations until after my sister’s birthday, which is totally understandable but really sucks when you love Christmas as much as I do!
    This tradition has continued and I can’t see it ever waning 😉
    Lucy, I’m really looking forward to gobbling on koeksusters at coffee this week!

    • Yay for gobbling koeksusters! We only have 4 left. Need to make another batch on the w/e… in fact, might make it a batch and a half. Good things MUST be consumed and as we all know, Christmas goodies have no calories simply because you only partake of their delishousness once a year. Yep – I have logic. 😛

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