Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Bring on 2013!

Like a lot of people, we tend to have quite a few “Christmases”.  One of my sisters is heading interstate for the big day – to spend it with our other siblings and their families – so last week-end we celebrated Christmas on the 15th December… a few days early but by golly did we all have a wonderful time!  The food was… AMAZING.  Ham, turkey (with macadamia nut and cranberry stuffing) and loads of brilliant salads and I haven’t even MENTIONED the desserts!


After eating, we all played “Bad Santa”.  This is a brilliant game where everyone brings a present (value $10-$15) and puts it in the middle. Then you take turns to take a present from the middle and open it… BUT… (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there) when it’s your turn, you can either choose to take a present from the pile or… steal from someone else – hence the ‘bad’ in the game title.  If someone steals the present you’ve opened, that means you can either choose to take one from the pile or… steal from someone else.  You can’t, however, steal back what someone has immediately taken off you.  It might sound confusing but when you get into the swing of it, it’s a lot of fun.  We had 14 people playing (the more, the merrier) and the game lasted at good 40 minutes!  Loads of laughs, loads of fun and I ended up with a brilliant set of 20 blank cards (which I really wanted).  My son ended up with a glow in the dark cup (shiny), my daughter ended up with an enormous box of chocolates (and a LEGO figurine) and my husband ended up with gold, edible glitter – which means there will be some fantastic gold cakes for him to eat in the future.  As you can see, the diversity of presents was great.  There were also things like note pads, jigsaw puzzles, gourmet salad dressing (lemon grass and sage), beer shampoo, a hand-painted Chinese picture on leather and a leather knife holder from Mongolia!  There was also a dinosaur tail and an Angry Birds hat.  Diversity brings awesomeness (and a lot of stealing… especially of the Angry Birds hat).

josh angry bird

As I’ve said, an awesome day was had by all but now, for me, it’s like Christmas is over for 2012 and I’m gearing up for 2013.  I keep getting confused why there are still so many people at the shops, why the Christmas music is still blaring over the loud speakers and why the 2013 Calendars aren’t on sale yet! (always buy them AFTER Christmas)

I’m ready for the next Lucy Clark book to go on sale.  ‘Dare She Dream of Forever’ is on sale in January 2013.  This is the last book in the Goldmark Family Series.  If you’re coming to the series late – then check out Amazon or Mills&Book UK for e-books or backlists.  There are six books in the series:

The Boss She Can’t Resist

Taming the Lone Doc’s Heart

Diamond Ring for the Ice Queen

Falling for Doctor Fearless

A Socialite’s Christmas Wish

and the new one, Dare She Dream of Forever.

Dare she dream of forver

Dare she Dream of Forever

So I do hope you all have a fantastic Christmas (even though mine is all done and dusted for this year) and enjoy your New Year celebrations.  2013 is promising to be one cracker of a year!


PS. Don’t forget, you can still snag your copy of A Socialite’s Christmas Wish, after all, Christmas hasn’t really happened yet.

A Socialite’s Christmas Wish


One thought on “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Bring on 2013!

  1. Wow, super early Christmas, Lucy! Sounds like it was super fun times wow 🙂
    My sister is hosting this year, and my mum and I have been roped into helping with the cooking. She’s stressing out a bit, poor mite, so should be interesting times on Monday when we get together for cooking!
    Merry Christmas, everyone 😀

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