I dreamed a dream…

… and it was in TECHNICOLOUR.


What my dreams look like… sort of.

Whenever I take some time off from creating, allowing my stress levels to return to normal after being in deadline, of allowing my body to detox from all the caffeine I’ve pumped into it, of catching up on my reading and tv watching… whenever this happens, and I start to chillax, my dreams become more vivid.

Being a writer, we get to take our imaginations out for a healthy sprint around our worlds of fiction almost daily and on the days when we don’t write (and we should be) we tend to get quite grumpy and annoyed (and never at anyone more than ourselves). Yet when I’m not in deadline, when I can allow my thoughts freedom to roam, to unwind, to take in the genius of another writer (presently reading Rick Riordan – THANK YOU, RICK), my dreams start to become far more… vibrant.

Oops... wrong pic. Didn't mean to insert that one.

Oops… wrong pic. Didn’t mean to insert that one.

I have learned, though, through trial and error, that if I go any longer than 2 weeks without creating – and I’m talking fiction here, not silly university essays (blech) – then I actually don’t sleep too well. 2 weeks!! That’s all I get because as I am not actively taking my imagination out for its daily sprint, its healthy jog, its 10,000 sit-ups, it starts to plague me during my unconscious time (otherwise known as sleep).

I will awaken in the morning, with a Chuck-worthy-FLASH of images buzzing through my brain as my dreams, which all happened in vivid technicolour, wake me with a jolt. I’ve tried to write down these ideas but the images come and go so quickly and if I think really hard, I can piece things together, in a disjointed jig-saw type of way but a lot of the time, they don’t hang around too long. Instead, I am left feeling… exhausted – AND I’VE JUST WOKEN UP.

Chuck worthy FLASH

Chuck worthy FLASH

This is one of the down sides to having a highly over active imagination. Whenever I hear a new song, either on the radio or one a friend is sharing with me, I close my eyes and an entire music video clip unfolds before me. When I’m reading a book, I not only get a picture forming in my mind of where the characters are but I can imagine the smells and sounds and tastes – (again – THANK YOU, RICK). I do so love this when I’m reading other people’s work and I do love it when I hear a song and I do love it when I get so invovled with a TV show that I am left shaking with delight at the end of it (THANK YOU STEVEN MOFFAT!) But seriously, if after only two short weeks of being allowed to chillax, my own imagination turns on me, taking me on adventures against my will and forcing me to be mentally active whilst I sleep… then there really is nothing else for me to do other than to sit down at my computer and start creating again!

Tee hee!

Tee hee!

The good news for me right now, is that it’s only been 1 week since I sent the last book to my editor… that means 1 more week of reading and watching tv and chillaxing before my imagination zaps me with the cattle prod!