The Big Let Down

Hey peeps. Long time, no see. My apologies for my slackness, apparently the beginning of the new year decided to kick me about the bum a bit. I’ve also finished two big projects, as well as doing stuff in The Other Life, so I’ve needed a bit of a breather. It’s been…well, it’s all been kind of a let down.

You know what I mean? You’ve finally finished your big project. You’ve worked on it and loved it and you’ve spent every waking minute thinking about it. You’ve been sat in front of a computer feverishly typing away, adhering to a deadline you may have established or your publisher has established or you are going away on that holiday to Thailand and you really, really have to get it finished…

Any-the-hoo, you’ve been working away like a busy little bee…and then it’s finished…over…and you wonder what on earth you’re supposed to do now.

You feel like you should be working but there’s nothing to work on. You feel like you should be starting the new story but you are too burned out. There is a constant feeling the other shoe is about to drop and you wonder what is wrong with you that you feel this way.

I felt like this after finishing those projects I’ve mentioned. Every weekend I worked, in the evenings, at odd moments during the day. I spent my downtime thinking about the projects and was generally consumed by the story for a few weeks. Then, I handed it in to my editor…and I was at a complete loss.

I felt like I needed to do…something. Didn’t I have a manuscript I needed to work on? Was I supposed to be editing? There was an extra scene I needed to write, surely. I should be in front of my computer, tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard…but, of course, I had no manuscript to work on. I had finished. Finished, I tells ya!

So how did I combat it? I talked about how I felt ‘let down’ with my friends. I discussed it with my Lucy. I tried to start the next project. It’s a strange feeling when you think you should be doing something even though you know you have finished. Your head is saying one thing and your heart (for want of a better term) is saying another and you just can’t reconcile the two. You tell yourself to have a break but you’ve been working so hard for so long, surely you should be continuing with that?

Next question – how successful was I? Well, I’m still trying to discover that. I think the only way to combat the big let down is to allow time to pass. I think you need time to adjust back to normal, to find your creativity again and be able to shift into the new story. There’s no point writing a historical romp through Romania in 1845 when you’re still mired in an operatic space drama set in Galactic Space Zone Trifixidoria, Quadrant Alpha-Numrea G7.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s okay to do nothing. To relax. Wind down. Learn how to be calm and collection again. Have a glass of wine, eat that chocolate, enjoy a walk along the beach. You need time to recharge so you can tackle the next big project and go through the whole process again!


Acrostics, Roses and ‘Prevail’. What do they have in common?

Merry New Year!

Wow it’s February already. The shops seem to go from one event holiday to the next and at the moment, they are all red and rosy with red roses for St. Valentine’s Day (which I believe is on the Thursday – DON’T FORGET!). As a romance author, this is usually the time when the media are most interested in our profession, thinking that as we write romance, we know all about it… and let’s face it –

WE DO!!!!! 

love heart lollies


Now if you’ve been following Cassandra and I on Twitter – checking out the sometimes crazy chats we have, completely forgetting that everyone esle can read what we’re writing (IMHO, that’s the sign of an awesome friendship, we just get carried away) then you will know that we’ve been bandying (cool word, eh?) around the word PREVAIL (even cooler word).

We have both been hectic with book deadlines and other… you know life things that happen like work and family and stuff (stuff is VERY important) and we were wondering whether or not we would PREVAIL to ever get a blog done. Well, the answer to that is… YES (duh!) and to top it all off, I’ve written an original-pulled-from-my-exhausted-creative-braincells acrostic poem just for y’all.

As it’s St. Valentine’s Day super soon and as Cassandra and I are awesome romance writers, it was only fitting that the poem reflect all those groovy things.

And so I present to you, dear reader, a St. Valentine’s Day PREVAIL poem. (applause! cheering! then hushed, anticipatory silence)

P is for Perfect

R is for Romance

E is for Ever

V is for Valiant

A is for And

I is for Inspiring

L is for Love

You may now throw your (de-thorned) roses of appreciation my way!

Thank you! My public. I love you all.

Thank you! My public. I love you all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much! You’ve been a great audience.